Specifications for Service Lines

All service line installations, maintenance, connections, and inspection must comply with Authority Service Line Specifications available at our office or by selecting these links.

Service Line Specifications for 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ Service Line Specifications for 4″ or Larger

Specifications for Fire Lines without Hydrants Specifications for Fire Lines with Hydrants


New service lines from the main to the curb, consisting of the corporation cock or ferrule and coupling, the curb stop and coupling, the pipe from the ferrule to the curb stop and the curb box will be furnished by the Authority, upon payment, by the Consumer or other party ordering the service line installed, of a Service Connection Fee as required in the schedule of rates and charges, provided the property to be supplied abuts a distribution line. If the property to be served does not abut a distribution line, or if the property does not have a deeded utility right of way from the property to be supplied to a distribution line, a distribution line must be extended to the property to be served in accordance with Rule 38 hereinafter set out and to a point on the property suitable to the Authority.

Normal installation shall include 1-inch service lines not exceeding 45 feet in length, connected to a distribution main not exceeding 12 inches in diameter, at a depth of not more than 6 feet. All other installations will be charged at actual cost, with minimum charges as indicated. Cost estimates can be obtained from the Authority for a $50.00 fee for each estimate request, payable in advance.  All minimum charges and actual installation costs based on cost estimations shall be payable in advance.

When a service line is to be re-located or a larger tap is requested because of changes or upgrades to a property, or an existing service line is to be used but does not meet current Authority specifications or will not supply an adequate amount of water, the customer must pay to the Authority the complete cost for the installation between main and curb. Such cost will be no less than the standard fee for new service. In addition, the customer must pay the actual cost for shutting off the old line at the ferrule. If the Authority deems the existing tap unusable, then the property owner will not be charged to shut off at the ferrule. All installation costs based on a cost estimations and costs where minimum charges apply are payable in advance.