Customer Bill Explained

    This image is a scanned copy of a bill that has been highlighted and arrows have been added in order to point out the different parts of the bill.
  1. Highlighted in BLUE are your cubic foot meter readings.  The Authority’s meters register in cubic feet and we also bill your water in cubic feet.  Your Previous meter reading and your Current meter readings are both listed and your consumption in cubic feet is also shown under usage.
  2. For your convenience your consumption is also shown in thousands of gallons (Kgals) highlighted in PINK.
  3. A description of Charges is also shown on your Bill. In the example above, WC stands for Water charges in cubic feet and SC stands for Sewage charges in cubic feet. If you have any questions about the codes on your particular bill you should contact our Customer Service Department.
  4. Highlighted in GREEN is what the Authority refers to as your Cycle/Route.  Your Cycle and Route determines when your meter will be read according to the Authority’s Meter Reading schedule.  Your Particular Cycle/Route could be read either monthly or quarterly depending on how your account is billed.  If you have any questions on your Cycle/Route or your Meter Reading Schedule, please contact our Customer Service Department.
  5. Your Service Period and number of days billed are also displayed on your bill.  Below this area is a Message Area.
  6. The Authority reserves this area for different messages that may be displayed to inform the public of various issues.  This portion could also on occasion be blank.
  7. 1 cubic foot of water = 7.48 gal. of water.
  8. One complete revolution of the sweep hand on a standard 5/8 or 3/4 residential water meters = 1 cubic foot of water or 7.48 gal. of water.
  9. The account number (highlighted in RED) is divided into two parts, the first set of digits is the customer ID which always ends in an odd number and the second set after the hyphen is the location ID which always ends in an even number.